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Serving all of the arts...

Teach, Practice, Record, Go Live...

Share your craft!

Dance, Fitness, Music, Photo, Video, Art, Drama

Multi-purpose studio in Tampa with hourly bookings available..

Best Value

#FlavaVIP Booking Membership



Every month

Month to month membership with priority bookings at less than half price!

Valid until canceled

Monthly Auto-pay

Up 12 hours of bookable time each month.

Priority bookings over non-members.

Complimentary and discounted equipment rentals.

Discounted rates on additional time.

Discounts on other services.

Hourly Room Bookings

Classes, workshops, meetings, rehearsals, showcases, expos, or 

other non-party bookings for private or business use!

Guests for private bookings must be members/affiliates of an organization or similar private groups that are predetermined and not based on ticket sales.

Business bookings charge an admission fee for services that must be legitimate, ethical, legal and approved by venue.

See Party Bookings

Hourly Room Bookings / No Parties

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