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Studio Flava

8361 Stone Run Ct

Tampa, FL 33615


Stone Run Ct is a private side road located just east of the

Sheldon Rd and Waters Ave intersection, behind the 5 Minute Oil Change.

We suggest you do NOT use the "Apple GPS Service" directions as it is known for providing incorrection driving instructions to our address.


We are a stand alone building on a private road with on-site parking. 

Parking on our property outside of marked spaces IS NOT permitted.

Ample overflow parking is available in all neighboring lots. Street-side parking is also permitted.

(See parking map below)


All public events require proof of ticket purchase to gain entry.

All private functions require an invitation from an Event Host.

Please check your ticket/invitation for the start and end times of the event you are attending. 

These times are when the venue doors will open and close for guests.


All included guest services are determined by ticket purchase or your Host's reservation selections. When included, our courteous staff will cater to all of your food and beverage needs.

Whether your Host has selected buffet or plated dinner service, with formal or informal tableware, our service staff will clear your table upon completion of the meal. If you leave your seat before finishing your meal and do not want your plate removed, you can let our staff know by leaving your napkin on your seat. If you are finished with your meal, simply place your napkin on the table and utensils across your plate so our staff can remove it. We ask that you do not stack your plates with others at your table.


Guests can and enjoy beverages with the luxury our SMART table service. Simply scan the QR code on your table sign to make your selections, add your name, and our staff will deliver them to you at the table. This allows multiple guests to order their beverages simultaneously while enjoying the activities in the ballroom and not having to wait in long lines.

All orders are served in the order received (please expect the same delay in receiving your beverages as you would if all guests ordering were standing in line).

Our venue does NOT provide or authorize traditional "Open Bar" services. Complimentary beverage options with restrictions (i.e. no shots) provided by your Event Host will be listed on our menu.

It is customary to tip bartenders, waiters, and other hospitality staff and is greatly appreciated. Cash tips are accepted by staff and other options are available through the app.

*All guest must be 21 years are older to order alcoholic beverages.  Please be prepared to show your server proof of age.  Service will not be delivered to those failing to provide proper identification.


All venue guests are required to follow our venue policies and may be asked to vacate the premises upon refusal to comply.

If attending a private function, please note that your Event Host has reserved our venue for a private formal event and is financially responsible for any of your infractions of our policies.

Please review our venue policies below:  

Outside food & beverages are not permitted in venue by guests.  

All authorized food & beverages will be provided by host/venue.

Children are NOT permitted to run through venue and must remain in the ballroom with adult supervision at all times.  

Venue guests may NOT tamper with venue's equipment or thermostats.

Venue guests are NOT authorized to enter venue's private or blocked off areas.

Venue guests are NOT permitted to remove any decorative or other rented items (any party favors will be distributed and clearly marked).

Use of vape pens, hookahs, smoke machines, and open flames are forbidden indoors.

Any and all illegal activities are forbidden on the premises.

All activities are monitored through the use of indoor & outdoor camera surveillance and on-site FL State Licensed Security Officer.


All beverages are to be served in plastic cups (no bottles/cans).

All 8oz beverages are to be served in oversized cups to prevent spillage.

All cocktails are to be made with measured spirits (no free pours).

Complimentary alcoholic beverages are limited to one per person/per visit (for in-line service).

Complimentary "Simple Cocktails" include ONE shot of spirit and desired mixer.

Services will end promptly at scheduled time (there will be no last call).

The consumption, distribution, or presence of outside alcoholic beverages is strictly prohibited (see below).

Open container laws in the State of Florida make the possession of alcoholic beverages in public illegal. Stone Run Court is a privately owned road with it's own HOA.  Therefore, all policies apply to the entire business property of Stone Run Ct. 

Any authorized alcoholic beverages will be provided within the venue and are not permitted outside of the on-site parking lot.

Venue reserves the right of refusal to allow anyone to be served whom is without a valid ID, appearing to be under the age of 21, presenting to be unruly or overly intoxicated, violating venue policies, or challenging Venue's authority to enforce said policies. Venue further reserves the right to cease all services, at venue's discretion, if the safety of the venue, its staff, and or guests is in jeopardy (closing of entire event may also be required in this instance).

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