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There's no place like home...

There's no no place like...



Studio Flava is a contract free, pay as you go, dance & fitness studio that offers a positive atmosphere for those who desire an alternative to traditional fitness facilities.  We focus on the positive achievements of our members without pressuring them about their negative behaviors and habits.  Building self-esteem and "self-love" is the primary goal in all classes and members are encouraged to embrace their current state as the foundation and starting point for their goals.  Members are taught that obtaining good physical health begins with good mental health.  Our programs provide a doorway to for those who are inactive and normally intimidated or uncomfortable in traditional fitness environments.  With the family atmosphere, unity, and personal touch found at Flava, members are motivated and inspired to continually grow and push themselves without feeling like failures from any limitations or challenges.



We are members, of the Flava Family!

Where all are welcome, and treated fairly.

NO Rockstars! NO number 1’s!

Just a group of people having fun.

We pick any spot, on the floor.

First come, first serve, through the door.

We are respectful. We are kind.

We will maintain a positive mind.

It’s important to have and follow rules.

Just like we did back in school.

For no one wants to waste a dime.

When they’ve paid for a good time.

So let’s get moving, let’s have a blast.

Let’s make a difference that will last!


Empowerment | Unity | Awareness

Commitment | Integrity | Innovation


  • We are DEDICATED to providing the hottest dance fitness formats in the industry and being the leader of the latest trends.

  • Our OBJECTIVE is to provide the community with an alternative to traditional fitness centers with an affordable pay as you go system, welcoming atmosphere, unique and diverse programs, camaraderie, and a jam-packed schedule.

  • Our FOCUS is to inspire, empower, and motivate participants to be the healthiest that they can be with realistic lifestyle changes, self-love, and healthy idealizations.

  • Our GOAL is to serve people of all ages, races, ethnicities, genders, orientations, sizes, and fitness levels with a safe non-judgmental environment and programs that target individuals of common interests or needs.

  • We PROTECT the interest of our members by only endorsing quality instruction and steer clear of unhealthy or impractical gimmicks.

  • We VALUE the voice of our members and it is the foundation of entire program.


The name FlavaFitness Studio was not inspired by the Hip Hop artist or any other urban connotation.  It derived from the life changing event of its founder, Jeni J, that inspired her to follow a path that led to the opening of the studio.  It was a simple Multi-Cultural Celebration and a dance performance by a group of friends where this journey began.  The name of the group was called "Latin Flava" as it consisted of members with a variety of Latin cultural backgrounds.  It was this performance that inspired Jeni J to follow a dream of teaching dance and fitness and thus called her classes "Latin Flava".  Upon obtaining a license from Zumba Fitness, she began teaching classes in Tampa, Florida and established "Zumba Flava" in 2006.  While teaching at various recreation centers and studios around Tampa as an Independent Contractor, she struggled with scheduling conflicts, unfriendly staff, and other factors that she felt inhibited her clients and prevented a positive atmosphere.  She ventured out to find her own location and opened FlavaFitness Studio in July 2007.  The studio was constructed in such way to as to create a welcoming atmosphere and encourage close relationships like those found in small dance studios with the quality and variety of classes as traditional fitness facilities.  When FFS opened its doors, it consisted of 2 dance rooms and only offered Zumba Fitness Classes.  The studio was expanded in March of 2008 to include a cozy lobby area, kitchen, an additional restroom and 2 small bonus rooms.  Over the years FFS has grown to include a wide variety of dance and fitness classes, workshops, social events, seminars, party rentals, and even a dance performance company.  FFS has hosted many events with top dance and fitness instructors from around the world.  It has also sponsored many charity and community awareness events.  But most of all, FFS has become a home and outlet for hundreds of men and women who find refuge from their life struggles and inspiration to create new positive life changes.

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