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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I "Join" or Sign Up to Become a Member?

All of our students are considered "Members" and the basic "Membership" is absolutely FREE!  All you have to do is SHOW UP and take a class and you will be a Member for LIFE! There is an upgraded auto-pay #FlavaVIP Membership option that offers the most savings and benefits along with multiple pre-paid options for class credits and packages of time.  But all classes have a drop-in price and we don't require anything more commitment than that to become a Member.

Is The Online Schedule Up To Date?

Yes!  Our online schedule is up to date in real time and any cancellations or changed are updated immediately.  Unlike many places, our weekly class schedule does not change from month to month. We only change our class schedule when a class is added or removed indefinitely due to Member participation and requests. Our main two schedule launches per year are generally held in January and July.  In addition to our weekly schedule, we do offer holiday and other special event classes which can be found on our Events page.

What do the Colors in the Class Titles Mean?

Our color coding system is simply used to easily identify class pricing when reviewing the schedule.  Each class is titled with a color which coordinates with the drop in price for that class.  Our basic drop in rate for "Purple" classes is $10.  Other classes are discounted based on popularity and time slot.  You can view a detailed breakdown of all class prices on our pricing page.

What Should I Wear To Attend Class?

Any light weight clothing that you feel comfortable in will work for all classes. However, proper shoes for are extremely important for fitness classes. We recommend light weight and flexible running shoes.  If needed, we can provide you with some guidance on your next shoe purchase.

Do I have to Reserve my Classes Online?

Absolutely not!  Booking your classes in advance is simply our way of giving you some added convenience and to ensure that a spot in the class is reserved for YOU (as every class does have a max capacity and can potentially sell out). Members can log on and check how many people are booked into each class and see which classes fill up the fastest, in order the schedule with confidence.  This feature also aids in a speedier class check in process allowing everyone to enter the class on time.  For these reasons we do prefer that Members reserve classes in advance, and to encourage them to do so, we offer Bonus Rewards points for every class booked through our online service.  

How Far In Advance Can I Make A Reservation & What is the Max Number of Classes that I can Reserve?

There are no limits in the number of classes that can be reserved through our online system as long as there are available class credits available or purchased.  Classes can not be reserved without payment.  All pre-paid Punch Cards, Packages, and Memberships have expiration dates and classes can not be booked beyond that date.  Automatically renewing Memberships do not allow for class reservations to beyond the current month prior the Membership being renewed.

What Happens When I Do Not Attend a Class That I Reserved?

When you reserve your spot in a class, we’ll hold that spot for you, and will turn away other participants from the class upon sell out.  So it is very important that you only reserve classes you actually intend to attend.  You can cancel your reservation online up to 2 hours before the scheduled class start time to without utilizing any applied class credits.  We do NOT however, accept class cancellations via telephone, email, social media, or any other means.  You must login to your account and cancel same as you reserved the class.  Otherwise, the credit will be deducted as if you attended the class.  Members on unlimited packages who have 3 no shows (without prior cancellation) within one month, will lose their online reservation privileges for 2 weeks.

How Can I Check To See Which Classes I Have Reservations For?

Just login in to your account at the top right corner of the screen and click on the “My Info” tab.  Then click on “My Schedule” to look at all your scheduled classes and appointments.

How can I enroll or cancel in the #FlavaVIP Membership?

To Enroll or Cancel in the #FlavaVIP Membership, simply visit and click on the "#FlavaVIP" dropdown.  Select the appropriate option and complete the form.  We can not accept Enrollments or Cancellations via voicemail, email, social media messages, regular mail, or any other means than by completing the appropriate forms. 

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