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Looking for Girls Night Out activity?

Looking for a fun way to celebrate a special occasion?

Then try one of our...

Private Class Parties!


 With a Private Class Party, you can schedule a private class on the day and time you want, with the instructor you want, and the guests you want.  These events are perfect for birthdays, bachelorettes, and other special occasions.




Zumba Fitness® Glow Party

Booty Jam Fitness® Twerkout Party

Sip n' Stretch Wine Night

Sexy Chair Dance Party

Burlesque Babes Party

Sexy Stilettos Party

Caribbean Carnival Party

AfroFitness Dance Party


You select which class theme you would like to host for you Private Class Party and submit a request for your date and time. We provide a private class for exclusively for you and your guests. Invite all of your friends to attend and have a great time!

Class Themes


Zumba Fitness® Party

As if Zumba classes are not enough of a party already!  Book a special class for you and your friends.  Ever go to a party where the decorations are up, the food is out, the DJ is pumping and no one is dancing?  Zumba Parties are a great way to get the party started!!!  Let one of our Licensed Zumba Fitness Instructors break the ice and get everyone up and moving.


Flava's Flex N' Stretch Wine Night

Gather your friends together for an evening of stretching, relaxation, & meditation with soothing sounds, aromatherapy, and candle light. Bring your favorite bottle of wine to enjoy at your leisure while we Sip & Stretch!  Mats and souvenir wine glasses are provided for each participant.

Sexy Chair Dancing Party

This class is guaranteed to bring out the sexy in all of you!  Watch as the quiet one in the group transforms to a Lap Dance Diva right before your eyes.  You will learn the art of using the chair to seduce your way right from his lap into his dreams!  Lean how to do moves you never thought you could do and learn how to turn those moves into sexy body language.


Burlesque Babes Party

An all around teaser!  You and your friends will learn the “sexy walk” along with how to achieve a sexy “state of mind!”  Cutsie and seductive poses with hot dance moves, this class party will definitely put you in touch with your inner sexy.  Boas, feathers, hats, scarves, etc. can be used for additional fun.

Sexy Stilettos Party

Very similar to our Burlesque Babes class/party but with a more modern and urban vibe.  This class features music and movements that are more along the lines of the sexy dance videos that trend on social media and are inspired by choreographers like Yanis Marshall, Jade, etc.


Booty Jam Fitness® Party

Another FlavaFitness Original!!!!  If you love the sounds of Florida and other down south “booty” music then this is the party for you!  Come and learn how to pop it, drop it, lock it, pump it, roll it, clap it, twerk it, and shake it!!!!  Straight from our weekly Booty Jam Class, this party will break all the moves down for you and your friends and have you ready to hit nightclubs!!!  (Explicit Lyrics may apply.)

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