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There's no no place like...



At FlavaFitness Studio our members are the "boss".  We listen when they speak and we work hard everyday to improve the member experience.  We read our reviews and make every effort to address the things brought to our attention that are within our power to do.  If you haven't visited us in awhile, come and see how much we have improved!



WellnessLiving 4.9 - Over 150 Reviews

Groupon 4.8 - Approx 50 Reviews

ClassPass 4.8 - Over 25 Reviews

Birdeye 4.7 - Approx 300 Reviews

Facebook 4.7 - Approx 275 Reviews

Square 4.5 - Approx 10 Reviews

Google 4.2 - Approx 15 Reviews

Yelp 4.0 - Approx 20 Reviews



”I took one of her classes tonight because she's a fellow teacher in the area and I can always learn something new, ya know?  She's a beast at Zumba!  She can grind her hips and samba like you wouldn't believe.  I wish I could do that. :o(  I only hope that I can get as good as some of the more experienced Zumba instructors in the area.  You are all awesome!” ~ Anissa, Certified ZUMBA Fitness Instructor

Tampa, FL

(Posted on ZIN Message Board)


"I’ve been to two of your classes now, one at Shapes and one at the Cuban Club in Ybor.   I just love your classes.  My friend...who came to your class with me at the Cuban club is even considering re-joining Shapes now... There is something instinctively different about Zumba.  You inspire and motivate the whole class and that makes it even better.    Thank you for pushing me to new limits.  My comfort level reaches new highs with every class!"


"Just so you know, you are doing a GREAT job!  After your class, I told as many people as I could about Zumba...I made my mother and sisters look for Zumba classes near them and I'm sure that I wasn't supposed to get on a scale, but the next day the scale showed a one pound loss.  Despite me feeling very sore and tired, your class had me feeling almost as good as I did the day my son was born."


"Hi, I attended your class this Tuesday at Northdale Park, I had a blast!  I enjoy dancing but I'm not super coordinated so hopefully this will help with that too!  I told some of my friends at work and they all want to come...You have a great crowd on Tuesday's....Everyone that I met that night was super nice too!  Thank you for your commitment to changing lives and inspiring others; it seems like everyone left your class with a smile on their face and feeling like they are on the right track to doing something great for themselves."


"We really enjoyed the class and it gave us a different outlook on exersise.  We felt energized, after the class, and definitely noticed the difference in our muscles the next day."



"WOW! My first time in the class last night and what FUN!!!....Thanks again for a great class!"


"I only go to the gym when you are there"


"Just to let you know that I'm so happy that I stared your class, you are the best!! I'm 54 years old and in your class I feel I'm 20."


"not only are you REAL and that's what makes us relate and keep coming back, but you know what REAL women want, must be fun, must show results"


"There is something instinctively different about Zumba. You inspire and motivate the whole class and that makes it even better. Thank you for pushing me to new limits.  My comfort level reaches new highs with every class!"


”Just wanted to let you know how much I apprciate what you are doing. I have fallen in love with the class 

and for the first time ever I am actually enjoying to work out! I too have two small children and have always struggled with my weight. I can't believe I actually look forward to excercising...I have so much fun and feel 



"I attended your Monday class, and LOVED it.....I have been to every kind of class, not ever feeling more than just a typical workout....your class is set above the rest Jeni. You have such energy, such motivation!....Thanks again, this class has given me the hope that I can lose the weight I need to get my confidence back."


"Thank you so much for being such a wonderful instructor.  I was born with no rhythm or coordination (I can't even clap on beat at church).  I have truely enjoyed coming to your classes at Shapes and occasionaly at the other 

locations.  You ARE the BEST instructor in the Tampa area by far.  Your outgoing, crazy, and fun personality make the class worth while...."


" a first time Zumbaflava participant, that I was astounded by the energy you produce and the participants as well. I have been looking for a form of exercise class that would keep my interest and I have definitely found it. God has certainly given you a gift! GO ZUMBAFLAVA !!!!"

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