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Policies & Procedures

Terms & Conditions

FlavaFitness Studio reserves the right to refuse services to any person that violates our policies, terms & conditions, or code of conduct and further reserves the right to dismiss any said person in which behavior is deemed offensive, inappropriate, unsafe, or otherwise destructive with no guarantee of any refunds to purchases made for the current or future services.


Release of Liability

Everyone who wishes to attend classes at FlavaFitness Studios MUST complete this Release of Liability form. Parents or legal guardians MUST complete the form for any minor children (under the age of 18) who wish to attend class.

You are responsible for knowing your own limits during class. If you feel uncomfortable with any movements for any reason, you are not required to do them. However, FlavaFitness Studios requests that you keep moving in the same direction as the rest of the class as to not cause an accident or prevent others from participating. If you often need to stop, take a break, or modify movements; we request that you do NOT stand in the front of the class as many times these participants are leaders during times that other participants cannot see the instructor.


Photography & Video Release

I, the undersigned, hereby consent that my name, portrait, picture or electronic image, may be used by FlavaFitness, LLC, their respective clients, customers, agents, licenses or successors and assigns free and unlimited right and republish, for any and all news, trades, publicity, commercial or noncommercial photographic prints, video, or digital images of me and any reproductions thereof, or parts thereof, photographic or otherwise with such additions, alterations or changes therein as FlavaFitness, LLC may in their discretion or in the discretion of any of them, make or authorize, and to use, sell, distribute, publish, and republish the same, either separately or together with my name or fictitious name.


Payment & Fees


FFS accepts cash, check, and debit/credit cards for payment of services. There is a minimum purchase of $20 for all checks and a $20 service charge for all returned checks/processed payments. 


Punch Cards - When you purchase a Punch Card you are pre-paying for a specific number of class credits (5 or 10) to be used for classes of a specific type (regular, specialty, etc.). Punch Cards are not deemed gift certificates and are entitled to an expiration date. *It is your responsibility to utilize all class credits in the allotted time frame associated with your purchase. You MAY use multiple credits per day or per visit or for a variety of classes within the same “type” as the Punch Card purchased.

Packages - When you purchase a Package, you are pre-paying for a specific amount of time wherein you may attend an unlimited amount of classes of a specific type (regular, specialty, etc.). Packages are not deemed as gift certificates and are entitled to an expiration date. *It is your responsibility to utilize all class credits in the allotted time frame associated with your purchase. You MAY use multiple credits per day or per visit or for a variety of classes within the same “type” as the Package purchased.


* Credits will not be extended because they were not used. Extensions for expiration dates MAY be made for extenuating circumstances such as severe illness, accidents, hospitalization, etc. of participant or immediate family member.


Deposits - Deposits are required for any and all appointment/booking services (parties, etc.) to guarantee specific date and time. ALL deposits are final and non-refundable even in the event of a cancellation, no show or late arrival. Private Class Parties may be rescheduled upon availability and only with an additional $15 transfer fee. Any and all balances are due in full BEFORE services will be rendered. Balance may be paid in advance online or in person at your convenience.



Refund Policy

All sales are final. Absolutely no exceptions.

Every patron is given the choice to pay for just one class or multiple classes in a specified period of time. Buyer’s remorse (not liking the class) is not a justifiable reason to demand a refund. Refunds will be given only on rare and extreme circumstances when services where NOT rendered as scheduled.


Cancellation Policy

Weekly Classes - We understand that sometimes you may have every intention on attending a class when you “reservation” online but are forced to miss class due to unforeseen circumstances. Please understand that when you make on online reservation for a service, we honor it 100% and other students may be turned away if the class is full. Therefore, if you do not cancel your online reservation at least 2 hours prior to the start time, a class “credit” WILL be deducted. Cancellations MUST be made online! No telephone cancellations will be accepted. Members with unlimited credits should NOT abuse this feature or their online reservation privileges will be terminated.

Other Services - All special events, workshops, events, camps, rentals, appointments, etc. do not allow for any early cancellation options and/or refunds. All sales are final upon registration, enrollment and/or purchase.

Studio Cancellations - Advance class cancellations due to schedule conflicts, travel, training, special events, etc. are posted on the FFS home page, our social media pages, mobile apps, automated phone system, announced in all classes, and communicated to you via email and/or text message if you have opted in for those services. In rare circumstances a class must be canceled due to inclement weather restrictions, severe illness/injury to the instructor, or a sick family member. FFS makes every attempt to find a substitute or other alternative to canceling a class prior to making the decision to cancel a class. If a class must be canceled at the last minute, every effort will be made to contact you through all available means.  If we are unsuccessful, you will be compensated one free class upon your arrival for your inconvenience.


Code of Conduct

Class Participation - FFS requests that the participants do not impede or inhibit others from using and enjoying services at FFS. Therefore, in using our services, you agree not to: disrupt or interfere with class instruction, jeopardize the security of the facility or participants in any way, or otherwise exhibit negative behavior in the facility by creating conflict with other participants, instructors, or administrative staff. Class maximum capacity is pre-determined by management based on the square footage of the facility and at no time shall you or any other participant demand, expect, or make claim to any space or position on the dancefloor. At no time shall you ask another participant to move or physically invade their personal space in the attempt to force them to do so. No items shall be placed on the floor in an attempt to reserve a space or prevent others from having access.


Participants are expected to respect the property and equipment of the studio and not attempt to adjust, repair, clean, move, open, close, unplug, etc. any fixtures, property and/or equipment.


For the safety of all participants, security of your personal property, and risk of damage to our floor, NO ITEMS are to be placed on the dance floor at anytime other than the proper use of class equipment accompanied by one of our instructors.  All personal items (water bottles, towels, keys, bags, etc.) are to be placed in the cubicles provided.


Absolutely no outside food, drinks, or gum is allowed in the studio at anytime.


Membership & Check-In

Every participant will receive a membership card with a Membership ID number to use solely for tracking attendance and purchases and to ensure that each participant has completed the Release of Liability guidelines. There are no membership requirements to utilize services at FFS and participants may purchase services individually or through their choice of punch cards, packages, or memberships. The membership number is not transferable and must only be used by the registered participant only. Each member will be given a sign-in receipt/ticket upon arrival to present to the instructor to gain access to the desired class/event. NO person shall enter any classroom without first providing this receipt to a staff member.  If a member elects to enroll in a membership payments will be automatically deducted from a valid checking account/debit card on the 1st day of every month.  Cancellation of membership will be accepted for ANY reason.  However, cancellation will NOT be accepted via email, telephone, social media or any other method.  Members who wish to cancel their enrollment of a month to month membership must complete the FFS Cancellation Form in person at the studio or via our website.  Cancellations must be received by the last day of the current month to ensure that the upcoming month's scheduled payment will be their final payment.

Non Solicitation Policy

FFS does not allow the solicitation of any non-FFS brands, products or services as it is not consistent with our Mission Statement to provide only quality class instruction to our members. FFS requests that you respect our non-solicitation policy. Therefore, by utilizing our services you agree not to solicit to other patrons, instructors, staff or management in the facility, parking lot or any of our social media pages.



Policy On Minors

All children entering the facility must be supervised at all times by an accompanying adult, parent or guardian. Children may attend age appropriate classes and are expected to follow all codes of conduct and other terms and conditions to include payment for the class they are attending. No child under the age of 13 will be permitted to utilize services that contain “Adult Content” regardless of parental consent. Children 13 and above may be permitted only with the consent of their parent or guardian.


Personal Property

We are not responsible for any personal property and do not guarantee that it will be stored if found.


Privacy Policy

FFS does not share, sell or make available to anyone, any of your personal contact information, billing information, email address, or any other information to any third party or anyone in our company except those in management for the purposes of administration, processing your orders, reservations, or registrations.


Choreography Clause

I understand that if I am a dance/fitness instructor attending this class that it is for my personal use and not for the use of copying choreography without the permission of the instructor. I agree that it is not good business ethics to do so and that all choreography is that of said instructor and is considered to be copyrighted just as any other publication or artistic creation.

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