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Pre/Post Snacks - Your body's oil change!

You are probably wondering why in the world I am comparing your Pre/Post Workout snacks to a car's oil change. Well, first and foremost, isn't your body a machine? So wouldn't it need all of the same things your car does? God-made or man-made, all machines need the same things to remain working properly. I like to use the example of a car because it is the most common "machine" that people can relate to. Additionally, most people are knowledgeable of the minimum requirements needed to keep that machine running for as long as possible.


So keeping that in mind, preparing your body for extensive physical activity is much like preparing your car for a long road trip. They are both in need of "more" in order to safely operate under "more" than normal conditions. Isn't your body doing "more" than normal when you exercise? We don't question auto mechanics to change and replenish the oil in our cars before or after long trips. However, when Nutritionists, Coaches, and Trainers, tell us to "EAT MORE" when we exercise, we think they are NUTS! To think of taking in "more" food, and "replenishing" our bodies, in conjunction with our workouts when trying to lose weight is unimaginable to most of us. So why is it so hard to grasp the concept that our bodies need the same "pre/post" maintenance as our automobiles?


It's because we are brainwashed into thinking that in order to lose body fat, we need to "cut" our dietary needs. But consider just for a minute that gasoline is a car's regular fuel. And although it has a different "job", oil is just as important to the cars functionality as its regular fuel. Therefore, in addition to it's regular fuel, your car needs to maintain "proper" oil levels. Which is why we need to replenish the old and dirty oil leftover from regular use prior to, and after, long road trips. And we replace that depleted oil with the "proper" amount of fresh clean oil REGARDLESS of how much is in the gas tank!


Understanding that should help you realize that similarly to a car, our bodies deplete our daily "regular fuel" just to stay alive. And like a car, there are different "macro-nutrients" which serve different purposes than just "regular fuel", but are equally important to our body's functionality and overall health. So in preparation for excess activity or "exercise", we too need to replenish our bodies with those specific nutrients to perform their required jobs. We need to replace the depleted nutrients from our regular daily fuel to ensure we maintain the "proper" number of nutrients for the added activity. And this is achieved by eating high quality protein & carb rich snacks that are low in fat or "clean". And this replenishment is in addition to the body's regular daily fuel needs.


The foods you put into your body before a workout will determine the energy the body will have to complete it. The foods you put into your body after a workout aid in the ability to recover from it to help you build lean muscle. Regardless of your fitness goals to loose weight, lean out, bulk up or build more muscle; the proper pre/post workout snacks will significantly help to amplify them.

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