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Welcome to FlavaFitness Studios Weekly Meal Planning!  A service created by a Certified Nutrition Consultant to help guide you to eating a well balanced nourishing diet that partners well with your fitness regimen and is delivered directly to your inbox each week.  With this service you will receive all of the tools you need to


Take your success to the NEXT LEVEL!


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Did you know that you are 400 times more likely to achieve results when you combine proper nutrition with your physical fitness regime?  Now you can increase your success rate and reach your goals quicker by eating healthy and properly with our meal planning service!  When you subscribe, you will receive everything you need to plan and prepare ALL of your healthy meals and snacks for the week.
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Save money on your grocery bills by ONLY buying what you need for the week! Simply double or triple food quantities to easily incorporate your entire household's nutritional needs for one low price.

(All #FlavaVIP Members receive 50% our plans when they add it to their existing membership.)



We currently have two subscription levels to choose from:


Basic Meal Plan - $20 per month

General Low Calorie Diet Meal Plans that anyone can follow.


Premium Meal Plan - $50 per month

100% Individually Customized Meal Plans based on your preferences, food allergies, needs, goals, weight, body type, etc. with the ability to swap out items and track progress!

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