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Flava's Monthly Contest

March Madness Contest!

​March 1st - March 31st

Offiical Rules
  • The Member with the most points earned at the close of the month will be announced as the winner.

  • Only points earned between the start and end of the current month will count for the current month's contest.

  • "Attend 3 Classes this Week" must be on 3 different days.

  • All points must be redeemed by Member upon check in for class.

  • It is the responsibility of the Member to request points to be redeemed.

  • All points must be redeemed on the same day the task is completed.  

  • Contest tasks performed outside of the studio (i.e. social media posts) must be verified upon check in on the day the task is scheduled to be completed (or on Saturdays for scheduled tasks on Fridays and Mondays for scheduled tasks on Sundays).

  • FREE class days are only for the class or instructor listed.

  • "Buddy" must be a new member to qualify to receive points os "Bring a Buddy" days.

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