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Because you took the time to complete the previous application,
YOU pre-qualify for the program and are eligible to attend a

FREE Evaluation

Including a Health Risk Screening, Initial Assessment, Program Orientation, & Discounted Enrollment with a FREE FITBIT & the opportunity to receive $100 cash back!

Must meet all of the following to become eligible to receive the $100 cash back reward:

- Pre-Qualify to participate in the Flava+Plus Program

- Attend the introduction & evaluation with your assigned Coach

- Enroll in & complete the 90 Day Transformation Program

- Meet at least 75% of your goals 

If you are SERIOUS about getting started right away, book free Consultation.

We are confident that after receiving your evaluation and assessment, hearing more about our program, and learning what it really takes to get REAL RESULTS, you are going to want to START IMMEDIATELY!!!  So don't waste anymore time!  


Book your FREE 30 minute Evaluation TODAY!!!  

We don't want to waste another minute on getting you HEALTHY!

Nothing to book at the moment
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