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Melissa Toohey

Flava of the Month


Melissa joined the Flava Family only 5 months ago.  But in such a short time, she's left her mark on the dance floor.  She started her journey with Booty Jam Fitness® but quickly stepped out of her comfort zone and pursued other classes.  And now there isn't a class on the schedule that she doesn't take or hasn't tried!

Everyday that she walks through the Studio doors, she has a positive attitude and comes ready to put in the work.  Her commitment and willingness to push herself inspires many students and even our very own instructors and founder, Jeni J.  Melissa is a true example of what consistency, dedication, and effort look like.


Congratulations on your success so far and we look forward to seeing where your journey takes you next!

Flava of the Month Nominations

What to Look For?

Members can be nominated for pretty much any reason that you feel is deserving.  However, at FlavaFitness Studio we do have Core Values that we live by everyday and follow in all of our decision making.  We ask and encourage our members to follow these same values and love to recognize those who do!  As a reminder, our Core Values are:








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